Why Digital?

A cost effective solution to the printing of your greetings cards

Over the last 10 years the rise of Digital Print has completely changed the way greetings cards are printed.

By making it economically viable to print short runs it means that small businesses are now able to enter the market just as easily as the larger publishers.

During this time the quality of digital print has also increased to a point where it is almost impossible to tell the difference between traditional Litho and digitally printed products.


Digital print has also changed the way card retailers buy in their stock. Digital print has enabled them to have a wider choice and to buy in new and more varied cards more often.


Other advantages of printing digitally include

Quicker turnaround

Shorter print runs

  Lower set up costs

New designs can be introduced without any financial risk and enable stockless supply

•  Amending existing designs, such as adding a barcode, between print runs are simple and incur no extra cost

Digital printing is green

•  Delivery of a value for money product you can trust to be top quality every print run
•  A wide variety of stocks can be printed on the HP Indigo presses which are also able to print white ink.

The Imaging Centre is now at the forefront of developing exciting new ways to help get Publishers product to market even more efficiently with the introduction of Simplicity™. We believe this will fundamentally change the market once again by enabling publishers to place their orders online, via their own on-site catalogue.

Being able to order in this way will make it possible to place an order anywhere, at any time, and on any device. As soon as the order is made confirmation emails are sent to both publisher and the Imaging Centre which give all the details required to print the order and also the costs. At the same time the files are sent automatically to the Press.

As each publisher has their own catalogue of designs saved digitally the retailer can simply pick which designs they would like to order from the screen. So there will no longer be a need to carry around weighty sample books or printed brochures, just a few card samples to show the quality of product.

Using Simplicity™ will mean orders can be placed at the click of a button leaving no doubt as to what files are to be printed, on what stock and in what quantities. Because the orders and files are sent direct this will mean even quicker turnaround times and with the option for the order to be packed and delivered direct to the retailer.

This will leave you, the publisher, more time to concentrate on what you got into the card business for; dreaming up great new ideas and designs and bringing them to market.


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