As we know not every card can be a best seller, but if you print through IC Simplicity you won't lose money in stock because there is no stock. No cards are printed until an order is received. That order could be for 100, 1000 or 100,000+ cards - it will be processed in the same way and cards will be charged at the same price.


Placing orders is easy too, from whichever device you use. Just think, you could key in your orders from a trade stand. By the time you've packed up to go home your orders will be on their way to your customer. Cards that simply didn't exist until the order was placed.


IC Simplicity can free up your time so you can get back to designing.

IC Simplicity records everything you order, so that we can provide you with real-time information on how your designs are performing.


Once your personal portal has been built and you receive a retail order simply select the designs and quantities required for that order. Press send and the cards for that order are sent direct to our press.


The IC Simplicity system will automatically know what board to print on, any special finish requirements and which envelope to use for packing.


Our team will pack the order, dispatch it to your retailer and email you tracking details. This is also your prompt to invoice your customer.


Alternatively, cards can be sent either flat or packed to you for distribution.

To see IC Simplicity in action click on the video link opposite.

how much does it cost

Customers using IC Simplicity to place their orders can also be safe in the knowledge that they are getting their orders at the best possible rates. Prices are based on a publisher's total annual volume so whether orders are large or small IC Simplicity customers get the same rate every time.

The only other costs to consider are delivery charges which are applied per order. There is also a monthly admin fee starting from £5.99 to cover the maintenance and storage of the portals.

how do i sign up

It's easy. We just need an up-to-date list of your current designs and printing specs along with your digital files (if we already hold your designs on file then there is no need to re-supply them). We then do the rest.


If you would like to get set up on IC Simplicity or have any other questions then please get in touch with one of our experienced account managers.


Either give us a call on 01622 871449 or email us on


Please click below to see our IC Simplicity FAQ's page including the IC Simplicity pricing structure