Why Digital?

A cost effective solution to the printing of your greetings cards

From 100 cards to 100,000+ cards digital print offers all publishers, new and established, the flexibility to produce new ranges without the upfront investment previously required

Digital print has also changed the way card retailers buy in their stock. Digital print has enabled them to have a wider choice and to buy in new and more varied cards more often.


Other advantages of printing digitally include

Quicker turnaround

Shorter print runs

  Lower set up costs

New designs can be introduced without any financial risk and enable stockless supply

•  Amending existing designs, such as adding a barcode, between print runs are simple and incur no extra cost

Digital printing is green

•  Delivery of a value for money product you can trust to be top quality every print run
•  A wide variety of stocks can be printed on the HP Indigo presses which are also able to print white and neon ink and digital foil


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